EC’s Student Activities Budget to See Increase Next Semester

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Students (from left) Kyle Guis, Tom Cleary, and Kris Avila competing in this past fall's pie-eating contest. The event was part of RHC's annual Battle of the Dorms event.



The SGA unanimously passed a proposal to increase EC’s student activities fee by $15. The result is a student activities budget that will be approximately $25,000 larger than last year’s budget. The relatively insignificant tuition increase will help the SGA to more adequately fund EC’s student clubs and organizations next semester.

– Phil Meagher

Story by Jackie Onorato

Student organizations will be getting accustomed to light pockets this semester.

Due to an influx of student organizations (from38 to 48), the SGA has been forced to accomodate to a larger amount of organizations using the same budget as previous years.

What this entails is less money for clubs and a potential loss of campus events and fundraisers.

But this could also mean an increase in the student activities fee. The last time there was an increase was four or five years ago when another influx of clubs occurred. And in this economy, increasing the fee may not be the best move. So students may be stuck with their decreased budgets for now.

What do you think should be done? Increase the student activities fee? Take funds from another source? Or keep the fee the same? Post your thoughts below!

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