Through the Wire: Race and Higher Education

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Story taken from Liz Pontes’ blog: Let Me Hear That EC Beat

By Elizabeth Pontes

Andrew Joviette speaks at this years annuel Through the Wire lecture series.
Andrew Jolivette speaks at this year’s annuel “Through the Wire” lecture series.

“What does it mean to be multi-racial?”

This question was posed by Andrew Jolivette, the chosen lecturer for Emmanuel’s annual Through the Wire Lecture Series.

The Cardinal Cushing Library Lecture Hall may not have been filled to capacity but the heavy topic of racism and struggle of racial identity filled up the empty seats.

Jolivette captured his audience’s attention with his engaging and comforting lecture style, using popular mediums such as youtube showing both the professional and unprofessional videos (“Post Racism” Prof Michael Eric Dyson & “The mulatto diaries”).

According to Jolivette in order to inform and make social change we need to “invite ourselves into the struggles of others.” He challenged the students, staff, and administration present to redefine their idea of racism and wonder why multi-cultural classes or floors in the residence halls aren’t present. He closed the night with emphasis that change begins with the students.

This lecture was sponsored by Emmanuel College Asian Student Association, the Black Student Union, CASE, CVSA, HUELLAS, and the Student Government Association. “Through the Wire Lecure Series is the College’s diversity lecture series that focuses on issues of race, racism, and socioeconomic status.”

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