LinkedIn: The New Facebook?

Posted on March 3, 2009 by


by Corey Major

It seems like only yesterday that Katy Couric, Matt Lauer, and every other morning/evening newsie popculture program couldn’t stop talking about the infamous MySpace. You remember MySpace, right? The devil’s social networking website that has been corrupting our teenagers and threatening our American morals since 2004? You know, the evil twin brother of Friendster. Yes, what a glorious time it was. MySpace took all the heat for internet-savvy young people. It was the cultural deviant we needed; no longer the same old violent video games and sex on tv. This was new. And it scared the pants off of parents everywhere.

But then the parents, too, started to get hip to the fad. And with that came the advent of Facebook. Facebook, originally a networking website for college students to keep in touch with each other as they leave their high school days in the dust and trudge on to brave the cruel cruel world of higher education. Soon enough, Facebook surpassed its fading competitor, MySpace, who sadly became a haven for struggling suburban garage bands and sexual predators alike. As soon as Facebook opened its doors to anyone and everyone, it took off into the spotlight where it remains today.

But inevitably, we find ourselves today with a new social networking community on the horizon. It’s called LinkedIn. And this time it’s actually being encouraged. Created as a tool for young professionals to make connections and find jobs and careers, LinkedIn is slowly becoming more and more popular. And for college graduates who have worn out their welcome on Facebook, joining LinkedIn is perhaps one of the most advisable things to do in these hard economic times. Besides, for our generation of social network aficionados it is the natural order of things. And we’re good at it. So check it out for yourself. But, bear in mind: how soon will it be until something new comes along to take its place?