Inequity Nearing an End?

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Story taken from The Democratic Fanatic

By Jim Chandley


Big changes at Fenway, and perhaps all around baseball. Photo by Dustin Watson

“Don’t be surprised to see a new level to Major League Baseball’s championship soon,” said baseball writer/analyst Sean McAdam on today’s ‘Big Show’ on Boston’s WEEI.  “In fact, I guarantee that in the next 30 years, the world series will lead to a match-up with some team from Asia or Europe or something along those lines.”

McAdam’s comments were sparked by discussion of this year’s World Baseball Classic.  The tournament is a showcase for baseball talent from 16 nations around the world.  No one can say for sure if McAdam’s predictions will be accurate, but it is an interesting idea.

The question is, regardless of what nation talented players are born in, will they ever play outside the US?  The money MLB contracts pay is far better than that offered in other leagues.  Will the best players in the world ever play professionally for a team in Japan, the Netherlands or Mexico?

And if that criterion is met, will MLB swallow its pride?

Personally, I don’t see it.  But perhaps if the WBC works the way it is intended to (mirroring the success of soccer’s World Cup), the door could open for such a series to be played between franchises from different countries.

So for those who speak soccer, if the WBC can become the World Cup, then baseball could create a tournament that would rival UEFA…

For those who don’t speak soccer, that means that if the WBC succeeds, baseball could make a lot more money.

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