Science Wing Proposed at Emmanuel For Upcoming School Year

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By Sara Anziani

A new proposal has recently been made to further advance the Science program at Emmanuel. The proposal is described by Residence Life Director Alicia Van Neil as a “living learning community focused on the sciences.” It is a designated residential wing for any student who is considering a major or currently majoring in science. Emmanuel’s Science Department has been meeting with its students to see if there is any interest in this proposal. The goal of the science wing is to bring together the students and hopefully start a mentoring program for science students.


A wing designated for science majors has been proposed for the upcoming school year. The availability of spaces will be determined by how much interest there is from the students.

In addition to the residential wing, the proposal includes a program that is designed to assist science majors in adjusting to their field of study.  Biology and chemistry faculty members will work with these students closely in the arena of academics, serving as individual mentors. In addition, the room that was previously a lounge will be converted back into a lounge, equipped with Macs set with science-specific programs.

The RAs in this wing will not play any unusual role in the living-learning community experience, but they will be expected to ensure that these students participate in other first-year community programs and remain connected to the rest of their peers.

Although this opportunity extends to first-year students, the Office of Residence Life and Housing is currently in the process of drafting letters to upperclassmen students about this opportunity. They will be letting prospective students know about the science wing once the plans are carried out. Depending on the interest of the students, the community could take up the whole wing or a cluster of rooms.

In the past, Emmanuel has recieved requests for other living learning communities. One past example was a Wellness Interest Floor. Before 24-hour “courtesy hours” were in effect on campus, Emmanuel offered a 24-hour “quiet” floor. It no longer exists due to lack of interest.

As the college continues to grow, we may see more opportunities like this arise.

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