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Update 4/8: Did you enjoy the show? Check out video footage from your favorite comedian.  We’ve got the links to their sites next to their bios below.
ResLife will be hosting a comedy night in the basement of St. Joe's Hall this Wednesday at 8 p.m.
ResLife will be hosting a comedy night in the basement of St. Joe’s Hall this Wednesday at 8 p.m.

By Phil Meagher

There will be a free stand-up comedy show in the basement of St. Joe’s this Wednesday for all Emmanuel students and their guests.

The comics have agreed to do the show as a favor (and also in exchange for free dinner at the cafeteria) thanks to Steve Macone — who LeRenard ran a story on last semester.

You can read the comics’ biographies below. Keep in mind, some of these guys have substantial followings. It may be crowded.

BIOS: Provided by the comics (with the exception of our host’s bio.)

1. Robby Roadsteamer (check out his website here)

Editor’s Note: We’re lucky to have him. This guy has quite a following.

A Boston-based musician/comedian/performance artist although when asked to define what he does Robby considers himself a “Thundercat” saying “Why define what it is I do onstage? Do we need to dumb it down for the mom and pops to come out to the shows?” In interviews he comes across as whimsical and spirited, he is truly an inspiring hero who brings to comedy the voice, of a poet. When asked if he wrote his famed “I put a baby in you” in ten minutes he responded, “Probably…it just came from…like those early songs are magically written…” He has performed at comedy clubs and in rock clubs with his band or as a solo performer.

2. Jason Marcus (check out his website here)

Editor’s Note: An up-and-coming comic with some great material. He sent us two photos for this ad — one of which was a cartoon that he had to apologize for sending.

One of the sharpest and most hard working young comics in the
country. His unique style of humor comes from his broad range of experiences growing-up in a racially-mixed household in Boston, MA.

Most recently, Jason Marcus has been co-producing “Lyrics and Laughs,” a
comedy/music show geared towards the promotion of lesser-known promising comics and talented musicians. The effort has been met with sold-out attendance records at some of the most popular indie performance venues in the Boston Area.

In March 2009, Marcus was named, “Best of the East Coast” in the Detroit
International Comedy Festival. He has also been featured in the Las Vegas Comedy
Festival and the New York Comedy Expo. He has performed across the country from
Boston to Los Angeles and performed a short tour in Canada.

Jason’s comedic talent is often leant in support to fundraisers that have benefitted
local charities in his hometown, as well as abroad. Many of his benefit activities raised money to aid causes ranging from a recently disabled friend – to the American Cancer Society, the Autism Society of America, and the American Alzheimer’s Society.

Appearing at colleges all over New England and performing as a regular for nearly
every club from Rhode Island to Massachusetts, Jason has garnered a reputation in
the Boston Comedy community as one of the most dedicated and diligent young
comedians on the rise while typically referred to as, “a devoted student of the art of
standup comedy.

When he is not performing in clubs, colleges, highschools, and corporate events,
Jason can be found either in the stands at a Celtics game or on the sofa getting a
little too into reality television … it’s sad.

3. Ahmed Bharoocha (be his friend here!) (see him here)

Editor’s Note: Our host says Ahmed is”hysterical.” Make sure you catch him this Wednesday!

Born February 28th 1984 into a unique household. His Mother is and Irish Catholic and his Father and Pakistani Muslim. He discovered a passion for performing at a young age. He acted in many plays and in school, and in short films directed by his older sister Maureen Bharoocha.

Ahmed has recently graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BFA in theater with a concentrate in Acting. During his years at the university Ahmed was renowned for his wide range of abilities in acting, directing and writing. His roles ranged from a stand out comedic performance of Mr. Collins in Jane Austinís ìPride and Prejudice to a powerful and touching performance as the Iraqi Exile in David Hares Stuff Happens.

In 2004 Ahmed began performing stand up comedy in Providence RI. His refreshingly young and original style quickly gained him the respect of clubs and colleges in the area. Since then Ahmed has been performing in the top clubs in Boston and New York. He has been sought out to perform at Universities all over New England. Ahmed since opened for national headliners such as Aziz Ansari, Loius C. K., and Rich Vos.

In 2005 Ahmed traveled with his sister to Pakistan to film the short film Abajee. Abajee went on to win several awards in film festivals around the world, such as best actor in the Jordan film festival.

Ahmed has recently been interviewed by the Comedians Magazine for being one the young rising talents in the Boston Comedy scene.

4. Rick Canavan (stalk him here)

Editor’s Note: Judging by his picture, we love Rick.

Rick started doing comedy in 2003. He’s tired, but he keeps it up because he loves you.

5. Steve Macone (check him out here)

Editor’s Note: Steve Macone. BU’s funniest (and perhaps smartest) man. Not sure if he still does it, but if you meet him, ask about his daily AIM jokes, then ask him to sign your face. LeRenard was named after the fox in his photo!*

Read our article on him by clicking below:

6. John Byrne (HOST)

Editor’s Note: Love this guy.

Works at Emmanuel and does stand-up comedy at his leisure within the area. His dad may or may not be Donal Trump.

*This is not true, but it sure as hell could be!