Flaherty-Yoon Announce “Ticket” in Mayoral Race

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Yoon (left), Flaherty (center), and the defeated Kevin McCrea earlier this month

Boston City Councilor at Large Sam Yoon recently placed third in the mayoral primary, leaving him off the ballot and staging a runoff between incumbent Mayor Thomas Menino and City Councilor at Large Michael Flaherty Jr.

Although Yoon appeared to be on the outside looking in at Boston politics after a narrow loss to Flaherty for second in the primary, an unusual idea was made official at a press conference Tuesday morning.  Yoon will run as Flaherty’s deputy mayor in the first “ticket” in recent memory for a mayoral election in Boston.

An email from Flaherty to supporters said that a “Flaherty-Yoon administration will embrace good ideas, even if they originate from former rivals.”

Flaherty and Yoon do not see eye to eye on a number of issues, however the Mayoral candidate has adopted an important piece of the Yoon campaign.  “We will put an end to the ‘mayor for life’ culture that has held Boston back,” Flaherty said when asked if he would support the term limit idea that Yoon based much of his campaign on.

Menino spokesman Nick Martin was not impressed by the political maneuver.  “This is a blatant attempt to confuse the voters of Boston, because implying that he’s going to run for deputy mayor is something that exists outside of the bounds of the law,”  he said of the move.  Others have also questioned the legality of the move as there is no election for deputy mayor, Yoon would serve at the pleasure of Flaherty.  “These are desperate tactics by a desperate individual. This seems to be both councilors saying if they can’t win their way, they’ll try to reinvent the rules.’’

The Mayor won last week’s primary with 50.5% of the vote.  So coalition or no coalition, the numbers suggest Flaherty would have faced a tough fight.  But Yoon’s presence on this new “ticket” will likely serve to tighten the race.

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