Feminist bloggers hit Boston Oct. 26

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By Billie Hirsch

Gender crimes, wage disparities, social and political inequalities and other fundamental feminist issues have gotten more coverage thanks to a slew of blogs and other online outlets, which seem to be the new face of feminist activism for the public.

The blogs Jezebel, Feministe, and Bitch for example are providing outlets for young women who 20 years ago might have been alone in their feelings of disparity or who would have struggled to find their voices in Ms. Magazine. Today, instead of going out and burning their bras, women with something to “get off their chests” are staying in and traveling the blogosphere.

“We all encounter sexism is our daily lives, and it’s not always possible to find feminist friends offline. I think there is an overwhelming need for an active, online space where women can discuss their lives,” a feminist blogger using the moniker, “ActuallyIHateChocolate” submitted to another growing feminist blog Feministing (www.feministing.com)

The editors of Feministing will be speaking in a panel on feminism on Monday, October 26, 6 p.m. at Boston College. Organizers of the BC event say the discussion is vital at a time and place when feminism is seen by many as a non-issue.

“I am so honored to be hosting the Feministing editors, whose perspective as young feminists is so vital on Boston College’s campus where feminism is too often seen as outdated and irrelevant,” said Alicia Johnson, the BC student responsible for the event’s happening.

“I am so excited for students to see what the brilliant editors at Feministing have to offer. Those who attend this panel will be invigorated to learn more about feminism and really do something,” said Johnson.

The panel, celebrating its fifth annual tour, will be lead by the blog’s two editors Miriam Perez and Courtney Martin. It will also include a speech from a current BC student who will refer to feminist activism specifically on the college’s campus.

The Feministing tour stop at BC will take place at the Higgins building, room 310 and is free to the public. Boston College offers transportation free of charge to those who choose to take the D line to Reservoir, or for those in Allston the B line to BC and a short walk to Higgins.

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