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By Cason Latimer


Chunkiness is not usually a texture that western pallets associate with tea, however Bubble Tea, is a sensation that has caught on around the country and more recently in the Boston area. Bubble tea is a Taiwanese import boasting a new and fun way to experience tea. In Boston there are several purveyors of this interesting concoction, including Lollicup in Allston, Tealuxe on Newbury and many locations in Chinatown.

What sets Bubble tea apart from normal tea are the tapioca balls that are in it. These bobas, or tapioca balls, are made out of a mixture tapioca and carrageenan powders and have a slimy yet chewy consistency.  Fortunately when you order a Bubble tea you are given a straw with an extra large diameter to make sucking down these gooey balls all the more easy. This straw can also act as a launcher for many a Boba spitball fight.

The actual tea comes in many different varieties including the classic Bubble Milk Tea, and many other flavors including Taro which is purple in color, fruit flavors like strawberry and banana, and stranger flavors like Barley and Lychee. You can even get the Bobas in different shapes and sizes like stars and rectangles.

What ever your flavor, Bubble tea is a cool beverage for a small caffeine fix, and for Allston residents is conveniently located in the Super 88 food court at Packard’s corner, where a large is reasonably priced around $3.50.