Gaga’s Monster

Posted on November 20, 2009 by


The Fame Monster Album Cover

by Laura Adrien

Lady Gaga’s sophomore album, The Fame Monster, is set to drop this Monday, November 23.

The new album, originally slated as a re-release of her first record The Fame, is now set as a stand alone followup that deals with the performer’s rapid rise in popularity. The eight new tracks detail the monsters – sex, alcohol, and love, among other things – that Gaga encountered along with her new celebrity status. The first single, “Bad Romance,” has already topped charts in both Canada and the United States in less than a month, and the album promises much more with both Gaga’s experimentation with 80s pop, 90s dance and industrial beats and a collaboration with fellow performer Beyoncé.

She is promoting the release of her new album with The Monster Ball Tour, slated to run from late November through April 2010 and the release of at least four more singles off the album during that time period. The Fame Monster will be available for $7.99 on Monday, and a Deluxe Edition Fame Monster, containing both albums, will be available December 15.