ASB Boston?

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By Jim Chandley

Emmanuel offers an Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program here in Boston because there is often overflow from the traveling program which sends students to Phoenix, AZ, Wheeling, WV and other places that need all hands on deck.

There is no doubt that the city proper is often in need of assistance from community servants.  What city or town isn’t?

But it was surprising to learn that Boston has become a destination for other colleges and universities who are looking to travel for ASB.

We are part of the Alternative Break program at the University of Maryland. This spring break, 15 of us are dedicating our time to serve in the arts and education sector of Boston. Come along and follow us on our journey!


With students coming from Maryland, the question becomes, are we doing enough?

Students who wrote on the Maryland blog did say they had plenty of fun, including a trip to the Southie parade to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Perhaps it’s just a case of students needing a change of scenery for the spring, and we are not in need of such a great deal of help.

But does it seem strange to you?

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