BANG! magazine joins tumblr

Posted on February 1, 2010 by


Last semester I stepped down from BANG! magazine’s presidency — in fact, the 5 seniors on the 7 person executive board all stepped down, allowing for BANG!’s third generation to take over — with hopes that the new gang would get the magazine more of an online presence than we were able to cultivate with a facebook fan page and a twitter account (and to change what I am no longer afraid to refer to as that god-awful name, but that’s beside the point).

In the short time since, Emmanuel College’s literary arts magazine, led by President Ian Augustine and Vice President Rebecca Camarda, have already done so.  BANG!’s tumblr page not only indicates that the uber-interactive blogging host is likely the next step for companies, businesses, organizations, etc. to interact with its peeps, but also states the board’s objective in its creation:

BANG! joins tumblr

As a way to get more people involved in bang! magazine, we have decided to start a tumblr that will serve as a venue for fellow writers and artists to share their work in a less formal way than in the actual publication. Those submitting to the bang! tumblr are still strongly encouraged to submit their work to the actual publication.

Unlike the magazine itself, all submissions for the tumblr WILL be posted. Feel free to send your submissions to


I for one think this is great for the magazine. Interaction with fans can only help. Good stuff, guys.

—Adam Vaccaro, originally from RENERDIFY!