Kings of Leon Wins a Grammy?

Posted on February 3, 2010 by


By Cason Latimer (not a music snob just a former fan)

I know that it’s very cliché and kind of shallow to start not liking a band because other people like them. I know that bands change their musical style. I also know that most bands are in the music business to make money. That said, when it comes to the band Kings of Leon, I just can’t help but feel nostalgic about the days when they weren’t a shitty band.

I’ve had a long-standing history with Kings of Leon. I started listening to them in high school with the inception of their first album, Youth and Young Manhood (a fitting title). I remember my friends and I driving around and listening to their up-beat, energetic style of indie/southern rock. It was fun to listen to, and it was fun to put on if you were at a party. I also liked the fact that KOL had a unique story, as well as look and sound; the three brothers traveled around the south with their preacher father Leon before they became a band, and these roots showed through in their music. They also had unique vocals and goofy haircuts as seen in this early video. {the bucket video embeded} Their next three albums continued this style for the most part.

I loved Kings of Leon’s music and when their album Only by the Night came out, I almost felt betrayed. I used to imagine that KOL probably led some crazy rock ‘n roll lifestyle: swigging bottles of Beam and carousing with women; this is what their brand of music exuded. Now when I listen to Only by the NIght I can really only picture them and their current fans as depressed bros who probably pick up their CDs from Wal-Mart, and who first heard about KOL on the radio while driving to JV football practice.  They’ve lost all their energy, vigor, and most important of all, their creativity. They now belong to the realm of mainstream bro-rock and are only one exclusive record deal with target away, from mutating into a full on bro-band that sounds like even shittier bands such as Nickelback or Daughtry (of American Idol fame).

This is why I was so shocked to learn that Kings of Leon won a Grammy for this album. Evidently all you have to do to win a Grammy is write the worst album of your career. It’s sad that the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences is in the business of giving Record of the Year to the record that was by far the least creative, and original. This doesn’t mean I will stop listening to Kings of Leon, but it does mean that in order to not feel like a huge douche, I will have to delete Only by the Night off my itunes, and procure their next album with a heavy dose of low expectations.