Fashion’s New “It” Girl?

Posted on February 12, 2010 by


Thirteen year old Tavi Gevinson is the fashion industry's newest craze.

Thirteen year old Tavi Gevinson is the darling of high fashion. (Yes, thirteen.) She has traveled the world, covered the Marc Jacobs fashion show from the front row, and even had her name appear in Google’s automatic search – all while she is still too young to even enter high school.

Tavi’s blog, Style Rookie, documents her thoughts and analyses on fashion and the media storm that currently surrounds her. The blog, now two years old, was started when she was eleven. Her sometimes witty comments and opined banter offer an interestingly creepy understanding of the adult world from the scope of a child.

And while we are struggling to get through classes and even find a job, she is skipping school to attend NYC’s renowned Fashion Week. The girl’s got some sort of talent, though – who would have the self awareness and guts to wear what she does when we were thirteen? (Or even now?)