Where to next?

Posted on February 18, 2011 by


As a senior at Emmanuel I recently realized my time here is quickly passing before me. I sinfully spent the last hour on this oddly warm Friday afternoon searching for free fashion movies online. Sad but true I resorted to watching Beauty and the Briefcase a not so trendy film featuring Hillary Duff. Although the thought of May is bittersweet I definitely won’t miss Emmanuel College’s limited Internet access.

As part of my plan to make the next two months inspiring I am making a list on a trend site I frequent DailyCandy . It includes some local hot spots targeted for the fashion savvy to be sure not to miss any local events, great boutiques, and hidden cafes.

I will be attending local events such as  Shecky’s Girls Night out Boston (GIRLS ONLY sorry boys). If anyone is interested get your tickets now before they sell out!

I am looking forward to attending on March 24th. I purchased a ticket last semester and was unable to attend. If anyone (ladies of course) wants to join me let me know! I plan on coming home with lots of free goodies!

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