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WED: Stand-up Comedy in St. Joe’s

April 6, 2009


Update 4/8: Did you enjoy the show? Check out video footage from your favorite comedian.  We’ve got the links to their sites next to their bios below. ResLife will be hosting a comedy night in the basement of St. Joe’s Hall this Wednesday at 8 p.m. By Phil Meagher There will be a free stand-up comedy […]

Share the Love, Spread the Word: Eatin’ Out

March 27, 2009


As part of a new effort to get the Emmanuel community more involved with The Monthly Fox, the Le Renard staff will now be working to get your stories and rants online. We want to know what restaurants and bars you like to blow your cash on. Last semester we began featuring a restaurant on […]

Will the U.S. Recognize the Armenian Genocide?

March 21, 2009


By Alison Amorello As President Obama prepares to visit Turkey on April 5, the administration is hesitating on the promised presidential declaration that the Armenians were victims of genocide in 1915. American presidents have refrained from referring to the massacres as genocide for many years in order to avoid conflict with Turkey, leaving Armenian Americans without […]

Prayer Service This Afternoon at 4:00 p.m.

March 17, 2009


To be held in memory of Emmanuel student Gabrielle King, class of 2011, in the campus chapel. For more information, see “Community Announcement” on the FirstClass All Students conference. Non-Emmanuel students should contact Emmanuel’s Office of Government and Community relations:

Boston: Small town, big laughs

March 6, 2009


Update: You can now check out Macone’s written work on his website (here). He is currently a contributer to the Boston Phoenix and the Weekly Dig. By Phil Meagher At the back of a small, bare nightclub in Harvard Square, Steve Macone waits patiently for a chance at ten, fifteen minutes. It is something that […]

“Whoa, dawg! TMI!”

February 28, 2009


By Phil Meagher Online social-networks, blogs, and now Twitter. Whatever it was that once defined “Too much information” has skipped town. “Nude in Chair” by Dustin Watson. Twitter — a fast-growing social networking site whose primary function is similar to that of the “Update Your Status” tool on facebook — has become an online phenomenon; […]

The Will to Whatevs: The complexities of life unraveled for under $15.

February 26, 2009


By Alison Amorello A liberal arts education provides students with knowledge on a vast range of topics such as classic literature and human biology. However, what many students don’t realize is that professors often choose to with hold the information that really matters, such as how to start your own religion and how to party […]